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rvivor who successfully battled cancer. He was the 1st one to champion the cause of fundraising using silicone wristbands. He made rubber wristbands out of silicone rubber and sold them to raise funds for cancer victims and create awareness about cancer – the deadly disease. This is how fundraising through silicone wristbands became popular and the famous yellow rubber wristbands flew off the shop racks like hot cakes. In fact, the yellow Lance Armstrong wristbands or rubber wristbands became so ubiquitous and common that they achieved some kind of a cult status among the youth. If you want to raise funds through silicone wristbands, all you need to do is to place bulk orders in some online store selling custom silicone wristbands. There are millions of stores who sell a mind boggling variety of rubber wristbands in myriad colors, patterns, designs and motifs. You have to specify the number of rubber wristbands you require along with the design specificatiocustom engraved charms for braceletsns and the message or slogan you want inscribed inside that silicone custom bracelet. Usually the finished products will be shipped to your doorstep within 3 to 5 days and you can use these message bracelets to raise funds by selling them. When pretty little rubber bracelets that also double up as cool and pocket friendly fashion accessories champion some kind of philanthropic cause or noble cause , people love to lap them up as they think they are doing their bit for society. Some of the fundraising events for which charity organizations use silicone rubber bracelets are “eradicate illiteracy or polio or dyslexia or diabetes or flu campaigns”,  “helping out poor orphans and rehabilitating them”, prevention of child and women trafficking, rehabilitation of victims of sexual abuse, creating awareness about deadly or strange types of diseases and helping out victims of diseases with financial and medical assistance, drug abuse and its after effects, alcohol abuse and its after effects and a variety of similar other causes! Just invent any noble cause, sell message bracelets to raise funds and mint money faster than you can pronounce m-o-n-e-y! It also helps that these custom rubber bracelets don’t cost more than a few cents, sometimes less than a dollar!        &nbcustom engraved charms for braceletssp;    make-your-own-rubber-band-bracelets

who attend nursery or school. Children often find it difficult to differentiate their bottle from 20 or 30 others that look incredibly similar, which is why this is a fantastic solution. You can either use it with the design it already has, or flip it over and pop your child’s name on the other side – either way they will know that it is theirs! ID for Children Families have also found another helpful use for wristbands – using them as ID tags when out and about in an unfamiliar place. Parents have all had that minute of panic when they realise that their child has wondered off somewhere in the split second that their back was turned – a feeling that isn’t very nice at all. This is why old silicone wristbands can be turned into ID tags which include your name and contact number. All your child needs to do is locate a security officer and ask them to get in touch with you. Heat Protection for Hot Drinks Silicone wristbands can also be used as heat protection for your hot mug of tea or coffee – protect your fingers and get a cool new accessory. In fact, it doesn’t just provide you with a heat resistant ring to keep your fingers from burning; it also provides a really good grip for you to hold the mug! If you have a couple of different coloured wristbands, this could actually be used to brighten up your cup collection! Give/Donate Them to Someone Else If you have a large collection of wristbands that you previously used for a campaign but no longer have use for, we suggest that you consider giving/donating them to someone who might find something useful to do with them. For example, schools could use them to distinguish between different sports teams, or maybe as a way to raise important funds for the school or school clubs. Do you know anyone who is currently planning a big event? These wristbands could be used instead of tickets! If you have any non-profit organisations in the area, they also might be very appreciative of the donation as they can use them for a number of important fundraising reasons!                 silicone-bracelet-usb-flash-driveonline-silicone-wristband-maker

Blue silicone wristbands Blue silicone wristbands are used for many different causes, in fact, more causes are probably associated with the blue silicone wristbands than any other color. The biggest right now is the campaign to stop bullies that is big in the UK with blue silicone wristbands that say "Beat Bullying"--ironically these bracelets have apparently become targets for bullies! Other blue silicone wristbands represent general cancer research, prostate cancer support, anti-Bush vote 2004 and tsunami relief. Blue is also used for for autism support; usually the autism support wristbands are a dark navy blue. Also, blue represents domestic violence and child abuse prevention. And, there are blue wristbands that support cystic fibrosis research that say "Breathe".             cheap-custom-silicone-wristbands-free-shippingblue-rubber-bracelet-meaning

customized wristbands for you to purchase. These can be at a tad bit more expensive than the ones you can find it regular stores, which are child will love getting one, two, or three wristbands with a saying or picture that they like on them. This is a great and easy way for you to give them a gift that they will enjoy. There are dozens of these websites online, so it will be very easy for you to find them. While they may seem a bit simplistic to adults, these wristbands have really taken off with young people. A couple of dollars a small price to pay for your child to be able to express themselves in a fairly simplistic and peaceful manner, and is hard for anybody to say no to these wristbands. All in all, rubber wristbands are great way to give your child a simplistic but thoughtful gift. Some people say that giftgiving is getting more difficult than ever, but these types of wristbands proved to be the exception to the rule. There can be no other simplistic gift these days that will still bring a smile to the young person space.             christian-silicone-wristbandscheap-personalized-silicone-wristbands-no-minimum

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